The Fallen Feather - Copyright Information

As this is a cooperatively owned film, all profits resulting from the sale and distribution will be shared between those who have worked on this project, and is based on the degree of their participation.

This includes Interviewees, Artist, Camera Crew, Pre & Post Production Crew, Director, Producers, Writers, Researchers, Host and Public Relations Officer.

The hard cost of production and sale of the Fallen Feather will be paid out first.

All other monies will be considered as profit.

Remuneration for time spent creating and distributing the film will be reflected as “degree of participation” and will not be considered as “cost of production”

All film owners have the right to view an up-to-date accounting of revenue and expenses.

All First Nations and Non First Nations who are featured maintain their ownership of their intellectual and creative work, in perpetuity.

Their work as reflected in the Fallen Feather will be held in collective. And their ownership of this work is reflected in their ongoing co ownership of the film.

This ownership cannot be sold to any other person or business entity. Ownership can be passed down to heirs.

To maintain the integrity of the film and to maximize profits, the film will only be distributed through the Director, Randy N Bezeau. Randy Bezeau has the fiduciary responsibility to maximize the benefits to all co owners.

In this regard, Randy N Bezeau has the exclusive copyright to distribute and sell the film. The Responsibility to distribute and sell the film can be passed to another co owner after three years from the release date. A vote can be held with co owners having voting power that reflects their participation.

The release date will be considered as the date that the film was first submitted for consideration to an international film festival, or sold to a recognized business or institution.

Any Disputes among co owners can be addressed through the Shuswap Tribal Council or failing that, then the Assembly of First Nations (AFN). Any resolution passed by the AFN will be final.